2012-2013 Annual Report Now Available

Annual Report CoverIn this year’s report you will find Downtown Montessori Academy’s updated financial results, our current Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction report card, and an overview of our exciting building renovation project this past year!  All parents should have received a printed copy in their child’s backpack, and the electronic version is available for download here.

Thank you to all the parents, students, staff and volunteers who helped make 2012-2013 a great year for Downtown Montessori!

Ms. Jenny’s Class to Buy and Donate Goat

Ms. Jenny’s class has teamed up with Heifer International and through donations will purchase and donate a goat to a family in need in Africa.

On small farms, goats are often the key to a family’s survival.  Along with training and education in its care, each goat gift donation:

    • Provides milk, cheese and butter for nourishment
    • Boosts income through sales of extra milk and wool
    • Encourages better crop yields by creating fertilizer and clearing land

“Goats are known for providing delicious milk, which can be used to create cheese that can be sold for income, in turn providing a family’s children the opportunity to go to school. Goat milk is more easily digestible, and one animal can produce up to four gallons a day. Goats are ideal for zero grazing, which means very little land is needed to raise them. Their natural curiosity and intelligence also makes them great pets for families with children.”

The goat will cost $120, so if each student in Ms. Jenny’s class raises $5 they have already met their goal! Any extra money raised will be donated to the organization or they may just purchase and donate a few small animals like bees, chickens and ducks.

Robotics Club at DMA

lego-education-300-1We’re so excited to finally have a Robotics Club here at Downtown Montessori! Robotics is open to all students in grades 7 & 8 and is run by two of our DMA parents.

In Robotics Club, “students are encouraged to brainstorm in order to find creative solutions to problems and then develop them through a process of selecting, building, testing, and evaluating. This is also an excellent way of getting students to talk to each other and cooperate as well as giving them hands-on experience with an array of sensors, motors, and intelligent units.”

A very special thank you to Acura of Brookfield for helping to sponsor this wonderful addition to DMA.

Parents as Partners Newsletter: December 2013

The key to a successful life in the 21st century comes from a good foundation in Reading.  While December is a busy time of the year it is also a wonderful time to turn off the television and carve out some quiet reading time with the ones we love the most and make happy memories.

Here are 6 ways reading aloud helps “our” children.

  • stories help children make sense of their world
    • both parent and child learn from the book that is being read
  • Reading to your child
    • improves cognitive and language development
    • exposes children to words that are not often found in day-to day conversations
    • allows them to practice listening
    • builds word-sound awareness
    • builds motivation and curiosity (two skills needed to succeed in our world)
  • Stories offer concrete models about life in our world through
    • numbers
    • other life styles
    • Geography
    • Science
    • baking



Our quote for the month is, “Children are made readers in the laps of their parents.”

-Emilie Buchwald



  • Ways to carve out time:
    • Have a no television rule between 7:00 and 8:00 to create a read together time.
    • Take turns choosing books. 
    • Read books that are challenging to your child and let them help by turning the pages or reading a line in every paragraph. 
    • Take a book in the car and have a non-driver read
    • Next to your child’s bed – Have everyone crawl into bed 15 or 20 minutes early to enjoy some good literature.
    • On a non- school night stay up later then the usual bedtime to allow for reading.

Be “SMART” and Start Making A Reader Today. After all, children who love reading live happier ever after.

New Venue Picked for Spring Auction

http://media.treehugger.com/assets/images/2011/10/uec-inside.jpgWe are delighted to announce we have reserved the Urban Ecology Center for our 11th Annual Auction! This beautiful 20,000 square foot “green” building will play host to DMA’s most gainful fundraiser on May 2nd.

We will keep you posted on ways you can get involved so keep reading the weekly notes and checking your child’s backpack.