Auction: Class Projects

It’s that time of year again!  As you know we are gearing up for the 2012 DMA Auction and each classroom contributes an item to be auctioned off.  In past years we have painted rain barrels and compost tumblers. (Check out the pic!) These are usually top money makers for the class and involve the input of the students, teachers and parents.

This year teachers have decided to make various different items; bookshelves, rocking chairs, benches, a desk, a quilt and paintings.  Each class will help to decorate these items and that’s where we need your help!  If you have any old furniture you want donate to the school, see at the Goodwill and would be willing to purchase, see something on the side of the street or are even a wood-worker yourself – we’d like to hear from you!  We need help acquiring these items so we can get started on the fun stuff – decorating!  If you are able to help in anyway – whether it be donating the furniture/materials, volunteering your time or donating a little money, please contact Emma Kennedy at Thanks so much!

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