IFF Spotlights Downtown Montessori

Downtown Montessori Academy, Milwaukee

Downtown Montessori Academy(DMA) first came to IFF in 2009 for help evaluating their facility options. The school was growing and DMA wanted to make sure that they had a permanent home to house the school into the future. After evaluating their facilities, plans, budget, and the current market, IFF determined that best option was for DMA to purchase the property they had been occupying as a tenant and improve it over time to better meet their needs. After preparing an improvement and financing plan for the project, IFF led negotiations with the local parish that owned the building, helping the school navigate through a challenging process to separate the building from its existing church campus and ensuring that the school ended up with an arrangement that would allow the campus to grow in the future. DMA hired IFF to manage the first phase of improvements to the building, which included installation of new mechanicals and other building systems. Today, IFF and the school are working together to plan for the next phase of improvements, that they hope will incorporate green features to the facility in order to create a healthy, productive learning environment for the students.

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