A message from the Head of School

Our thoughts and hearts are with the families of those involved in the tragedy on Friday in Connecticut. We here at Downtown Montessori are reminded of our daily responsibility to keep your children safe. I want to reassure you that on a daily basis we do everything possible to keep this school safe.  We are constantly reviewing our safety procedures.

All doors are locked at all times. We have over 16 live feed cameras that monitor the inside and outside of the building. All fire alarms and security panels are directly linked to the outside and will immediately alert the authorities in case of emergency.

All visitors and parents are asked to sign in at the office upon entering the building. While we have familiarized ourselves with many of your faces, we still ask that you please check in to the office upon entering the building.

I understand the importance of how children learn and deal with such tragic events and it begins at home and with your support, love and family discussions. They will see you express sadness and empathy and learn how to deal with their own emotions. Children of different ages process this differently and understand this differently.  Please, do not avoid questions even for the youngest children if they bring up the topic. I encourage you to listen to them, answer their questions with simple and direct facts. Encourage them to talk about their worries or fears, that feelings are important. And reassure them that they are safe and loved by both you and their school.

Lastly, please listen and watch for unusual stress and speak to your pediatrician if you are concerned about your child.  We will support them as best we can here by answering their questions when asked and reassuring them how rare these instances are.

Thank you for your continued trust in us.

Virginia Flynn
Head of School

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