Ms. Sara’s Class Skypes with Julie Salamon

IMG_1266On Tuesday, Ms. Sara’s class Skyped with Julie Salamon, author of CAT IN THE CITY. The Skype visit focused on the writing and editing process. What happens after you write the first draft of a story? How do you make it better? What do you think about when you create a character? How do stories change along the way? Julie Salamon has written a series of award-winning books, including WENDY AND THE LOST BOYS (2011), HOSPITAL (2008), FACING THE WIND (2001), THE NET OF DREAMS (1996), and RAMBAM’S LADDER (2003). THE DEVIL’S CANDY (1991) is considered a Hollywood classic about film making gone awry, and her novella THE CHRISTMAS TREE (1996), illustrated by Jill Weber, was a NYT best-seller and has been translated into eight languages. The class finished the book the day before the Skype visit. They asked thoughtful questions and received this piece of advice about writing from Mrs. Salamon: “No matter what you are writing, make sure it is something you enjoy writing about and that you are having fun.” A special shout out to Jenny Schmidt for bringing this opportunity to the classroom.

– Sara Vondrachek

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