Key Points of Montessori Philosophy

Freedom: A child in order to develop his physical, intellectual, and spiritual powers to the fullest, must have freedom – a freedom that achieved through order and self-discipline, a freedom with responsibility.

Prepared Environment: A Montessori classroom is one that possesses a certain order and so disposes the child to develop at her own speed, according to her own capacities, in a non-competitive atmosphere. It is an environment that ensures success before failure.

Inner Discipline: If a child is free to learn because of exposure to both physical and mental order, that is inner discipline. This is the core of Dr. Montessori’s philosophy. Patterns of concentration and the thoroughness established in early childhood produces a confident and competent learning in later years

Joy of learning: The “prepared environment” introduces the child to the joy of learning at an early age and provides a framework in which intellectual and social discipline go hand in hand so that the child may respond to life with her complete personality.

Absorbent mind: From the moment of birth each child has a mind to absorb (take within) knowledge. Each child has the power to teach himself.

Sensitive periods: Each child passes through “sensitive periods” that are successive stages of development. During a particular sensitive period, a child shows an insatiable hunger for the acquisition of some particular knowledge or skill.

Movement and learning: A child needs to move as she learns (physical movement), and needs to learn coordination also.

-Amy Goodenough, DMA PEN Newsletter, October 2016

3rd Graders Presented with Giveback Check

John Rosetto, owner of Transfer Pizzeria, stopped by to present the third graders with a check for the amount that was raised for the giveback week in January. The boys and girls are very excited for their trip to Camp Minikani at the end of the month. They would like to thank both Transfer and Classic Slice, who also fundraised for this trip, for helping make this trip possible.

Wisconsin Art Education Association’s Youth Art Month Contest

YAM_DMAWe are extremely proud and honored to have two students from DMA receive awards for their flag designs for Youth Art Month! Stella (Ms. Beth’s Class) and Lucy (Ms. Kelsey’s class) were chosen to receive Honorable Mention awards in the Wisconsin Art Education Association’s Youth Art Month Contest. They are invited to attend a closing ceremony to receive recognition and awards for their designs in Madison on March 31st. 

Stay tuned to more exciting art news as the regional art shows are just around the corner!

DMA Student Wins 2nd Place in Milwaukee Film Festival Contest

Congratulations to Matylda, who won 2nd place in the Milwaukee Film Festival Essay Contest!  She was competing against students in 1st, 2nd and 3rd grade all over Milwaukee. Students were asked to write an essay about films they saw at a Milwaukee Film Education Screening.

Cara Ogburn of the MFF awarded her on Tuesday with a gift certificate from Boswell Books.


Old Local Tree to Find New Life in Downtown Montessori’s Playground!

treeA large Catalpa tree that needed to be removed from the owner’s small city property is going to find new life as a centerpiece in the “adventure course” portion of the new Downtown Montessori Academy playground. It’s an amazing way this beautiful old tree can continue to provide joy and shelter to the community even after it’s been removed. This particular tree was highlighted in a feature story on local TV news station TMJ4 recently.