Renovation Project: Week 1

Hi everyone, hope your summer is off to a great start! After a hectic end of the year filled with cleaning and packing the entire school we’ve finally settled into the building next door and the summer program is in full swing.

So without further ado let’s see what Berghammer Construction has been up to…

First off, there is nothing more strange than seeing a tiny bulldozer drive up the school’s steps and pull up to the playground door. They were hauling out beautiful cream colored bricks that were once in our school’s bathrooms. Below is a shot of the boy’s bathroom FROM THE GIRLS BATHROOM! The wall separating the two bathrooms has been completely demolished and removed to make way for our two new “kid friendly” bathrooms.


Maybe you’ll recognize the area in these next pictures. It’s our old atrium connecting our two buildings. Before both buildings were connected, the area in the atrium was completely outdoors. After pulling off the faux stone siding and paint, we were able to see the once gorgeous exterior and huge windows peeking out at us.


Up next, our beloved office. The closets have been gutted and the weird little island in the middle has been torn out and removed. If you look to your left, you’ll see a patch of carpet that was once Ginny’s office. As the walls came down, the construction workers found vintage cans of Old Milwaukee within them. Seems as though the old crew had a bizarre sense of humor.


I leave you today with a shot of Sara’s classroom. Her room, like all the other classrooms, has been completely gutted to make room for new flooring, counters and windows. If you look to the top of the photograph you’ll see how high the ceilings and windows actually go.


I’ll keep updating until we are no longer allowed in the building. Have a great summer!

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