Renovation Update: Week 6

As promised, we have a few “pretty” pictures for you this week. The flooring in the Lower Elementary classrooms has been put in. Sara, Jenny and Jeannette have switched out their carpet for a nicer wood laminate. Jeannette, I’m sure, is ecstatic she no longer has to look at that lovely shade of brown under her feet.

Sara's roomJenny's room Jeannette's room


These next batch of pictures are actually kind of fun. One of our Children’s House classrooms will now feature a large indoor picture window. Not only will this window let in more natural light, but parents on group tours will now be able to observe a working Montessori classroom from the outside.
Inside Amy's Classroom Outside Amy's Classroom

The next two pictures are from the office. The big hole in the wall looking into the hallway is the start of our new welcome center complete with front desk area where visitors can check in. The steel beams are simply there for support, they will be removed once work is complete.

Office HoleWelcome Center

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