Renovation Update: Week 9

As I’m typing this I’m being told that the pictures I’m about to post are already outdated! Apparently the crew has been coming in on the weekends and they’re really making progress. Most classrooms are about 80% finished being painted and wood panel floors are going down in rooms where there was once carpet. The tiles in the bathrooms and kitchenette area have all been laid and counters are arriving and being installed. Check out some of these updates below.

photo 5photo 1


We kept finding these really cool looking tin squares under the ceiling paneling in several of the hallways, classrooms and bathrooms. As much as we would have loved to have salvaged all of them, because of the dropped ceilings in the classrooms and piping in the bathrooms, they were once again covered up. The good news is we’re working on cleaning and refurbishing the ones found within the main entrance on Graham Street.


A shorter update today but I leave you with some shots of the office. The giant gaping slice in the wall will soon house a beautiful counter and welcome center. Next to that picture is our new office “half door.” Working in the office, we’re all strangely excited by this new door.

IMG_2508 photo 4

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