Renovation Update: Week 5

Week 5 has begun and while I haven’t had a chance to get in the building, Ian found himself a hard hat and was able to get a few more pictures for us!  It looks like most of the major demolition is done and the crew has begun building.


This is the view looking into the office from the hallway. The steel beams you are looking at are the start of the frame for Ginny’s new office. Ginny has already jokingly acknowledged the prison like similarity.



In between the two new student bathrooms is the start of a kitchenette area. All classes will now have access to this area for any cooking projects or general classroom equipment washing. The room will be fully equipped with a refrigerator, sink, stove and dishwasher!


This next picture will bring a smile to the face of all the adults. It’s a new staff bathroom, completely separate from the student bathrooms. Now all staff members and visiting adults will have their own area. Although, I’m sure some staff members will miss having awkward conversations with the 4 year old in the stall next to theirs.










Last update for today is an outdoor shot. Due to all the reconfiguring in the bathroom areas, we needed to fill in a few windows. The crew, however, salvaged a bundle of original “Cream City bricks” and were able to use them to fill in the space. Brilliant!
It was really exciting watching him lay each brick down one by one. The next spot they plan to fill in is the area above the playground door as seen in the picture.

D & B Painting, Kathy’s Shade Shop and Quality Floors have arrived and have begun working, so hopefully we’ll have a few “pretty” pics to show you by the next update.

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