Students Make Cloth Lunch Kits

For the past couple of months I have had the pleasure of teaching DMA students some basics of sewing.  Miss Sara and I decided to do a project for her class in which the children created something useful, beautiful, and good for the environment. We decided on cloth lunch kits. Each child in Sara’s class has or will create a reusable cloth sandwich/snack bag and napkin. To make it even more interesting for the students, they each get to pick their own fabric and snaps for our project so each set is unique.

The idea for this project came about because I felt it was important for kids to know that they can create many of the things they use every day. I wanted them to get the feeling of excitement and pride that often occurs when making something you only thought you could buy.

This project has been a great success. You can see the kids shine when holding their finished projects. They are incredibly enthusiastic and are already coming up with more ideas of things to sew in the future!  My thanks to all the children I have worked with, Miss Sara, and the staff at DMA; it’s been a blast!

Lisa Minella is a DMA parent and self taught sewer who eventually started a small business selling a product created by sewing.

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