51 Things to do this Summer

By Sara, Diego and Ms. Barb

During summer, students can loose 3 – 4 months of learning if they are not kept mentally challenged. Here are some ideas that might help them stay smart over the summer.

1. Read twenty minuets every day.
2. Go to the library every week.
3. Write and send letters to relatives.
4. Learn an instrument.
5. Play chess.
6. Learn about a president.
7. Learn about your ancestors.
8. Visit another country or state by reading about it.
9. Before going to the store make a list to help you stay focused and on budget.
10. Practice money skill by setting up a pretend store in your house.
11. Go to the Art Museum. *
12. Go to the Public Museum. *
13. Turn off the television.
14. Do research about rocks in Wisconsin and then visit the state parks to search for rocks for your Wisconsin rock collection.
15. Go to a baseball game and track the scores.
16. Keep a diary.
17. Read twenty minutes after each meal.
18. Go to a summer camp. (Sometimes they are free at the local parks.)
19. Paint some pictures and have an art show.
20. Learn a language.
21. Do math books.
22. Turn off video games and have a family adventure night.
23. Go to the zoo and learn about the animals by reading the signs. *
24. Turn off the television and play a board game or read a story together.
25. Write a family play and perform it for the neighbors or other family members.
26. Crosswords, Word Scrambles, Sudoku…”brain games” are a great way for your children to stay mentally fit.
27. Start a book club.
28. Go on a scavenger hunt. Write down clues about local historical landmarks or even the grocery store and have your child/ren use the clues to find the “special” place. Great for teaching your child/ren problem solving and navigation skills.
29. Plant a garden.
30. Read twenty minutes as often as possible.
31. Write a graphic novel.
32. Pay it forward. Volunteer in your community to make a difference.
33. Have your child/ren help plan the family vacation this includes the budget, mapping out the route, discovering the sights that will be visited.
34. When on a vacation have your child/ren keep track of the money that is spend on them. This includes the motel rooms, food, gas and souvenirs.
35. Cook and bake together. By doubling or reducing the recipe they will be practicing their math skills.
36. Sit down together and eat. Each person has to bring two conversation topics to the table and have a family discussion.
37. Read together.
38. Turn electronic games off and play family board games or take a walk in the neighborhood.
39. Build a fort in the backyard and have an adventure. Write about the adventure.
40. Build a bird feeder.
41. Play “Silly Sports”. Change some of the rules in your favorite sport to make it a bit more interesting and challenging. For example when playing a back yard baseball game you could run the bases backward and soccer starts when the goalie throws the ball into play or the players have to run backwards.
42. Have dress silly days, take pictures, write a description and send them to grandma and grandpa via U. S. mail.
43. Make musical instruments from things found around the house and create a family band. Write your own songs and share with other family members.
44. When at a stop sign multiply or add up the numbers on the license plate of the car ahead of you.
45. Have a family read in.
46. When at a stop sign make up a sentence using the letters in the license plate ahead of you. See who in the car can make up the best sentence.
47. Plant a garden and share your extra produce.
48. Volunteer at the Wisconsin Humane Society.
49. Visit some of the historical and interesting vacation spots in our great state.
50. Visit the Urban Ecology Center.
51. Read and write something every day.
* The museums in Milwaukee are free to the citizens one day a week. Please check the museum to see what day it is.

Above all else have fun. I hope you consider doing one of these FUN things.

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